How To Play

Before the game, Place the Ball at the Center, dice on the board and pack the commentary cards at the side near the trophy stand. Place the car-like counters at the start column and the trophy at its stand.

Players to choose sides.

  1. A toss of either a coin or dice to decide who is to start the game.
  2. Around each ball are numbers 1 to 6 with corresponding lines pointing to the direction of the ball.
  3. Direction to the Team Mate is a PASS and to an Opponent is an INTERCEPTION.
  4. Place the ball at the center of the field and the winner throws the dice.
  5. The number thrown directs the ball to the player where the arrow points to. E.g. At the center, playing any number 1, 2 & 3 (1-3) directs the ball through the Left side to (N. 10) Player. Also playing any number 4, 5 &6 (4-6) passes the ball to (N. 8) Player through the Right.
  6. At  Players ( N.8) and  (N. 10), the  ball passes  through the number  played  after throwing the dice  to direct the ball through the thick  colored/coloured  arrow lines to  the players. E.g. at (N.8), playing 5, passes the ball to Player No. 7. Player No.7 gives a long pass to team mate No. 11 when you throw 5.A goal is scored when No. 9 gets the ball and the player dices 6.
  7.  Continue to throw the ball as long as a pass is made to the team mate.
  8. Opposing player collects the dice when the ball gets to the team mate (interception).
  9. BOXES-When the ball lands in any of the boxes, the referee or the player in question, picks a card on top of the COMMENTARY CARDS and read loudly for them to see what has happened. Apply what’s on the card to suit the rhythm of the game as on the field then place the card beneath the cards.
  10. RED & YELLOW TOKENS – Place the RED TOKEN on a player when he gets red card and YELLOW TOKEN when yellow card is shown. Refer manual for the rest of the information.
  11. GOAL KICK, PENALTY, CORNER and THROW-IN have all their directions written under them on the BOARD GAME.
  12. It can also be played in groups of 4 and 6. E.g .  2 or 3 players to each side. Group A throws the dice alternatively among them when a pass is made to their players. Group B or the opposing team gets the dice and throw among them as they pass the ball to their players.
  13. QUIZ- Organizing quizzes competition alongside playing soccer; pack the quiz cards at the side opposite the commentary box. When the ball lands in any of the BOXES, the referee picks the card on top of the quiz cards for the player to answer the question for points. Refer manual for awarding points.  Place the card beneath and pick the card on top of the commentary cards to direct the ball. In case he answers the question wrongly, the chance is giving to the opponent to answer for points. A toss of coin or dice is made for the winner to pick the top card from the commentary cards to continue should either of the players fail to answer the question correctly.
  14. Refer manual for organizing quiz, gala, knockout and league competitions as well as taken 5 penalty kicks to declare the winner. In case of any misunderstanding, Players and referee should cast their minds back to the field and apply the same result on the board game.
  15. Whatever happens on the field in soccer happens on the BOARD when playing FRINDO SOCCER.