Mr J. Y. Frimpong-Manso was first inspired to invent Frindo Soccer Board Game by an injured talented soccer player in the olden days known as Baba Yala of the blessed memory. He wondered if the paralyzed  player would ever be able to enjoy soccer again, and it occurred to him that an indoor Board game version of soccer could be useful for this purpose. Intrigued by this idea, he began pondering for such a game.

In 1972, at his final year post secondary teacher training course at Akrokerri, his English Methods teacher, Mr Chandler- a peace corps- instructed each student that since teachers are resourceful, they should come out with an indoor game that would be used by their pupils in case they are posted to a remote rural area where there will be no equipment and  facility for out door games. The idea of Soccer Board game resurfaced .He was able to come out with the design that was used at his final teaching practice and proved successful.
He then created a success full prototype and has since been exhibited at variety of trade shows. Copies of the Board game has also been donated to schools and charities for testing and the resulting comments were interesting and encouraging. Hence , its upgraded version ready for the World’s Board Game market.

It Can be used to:

  1. Introduce Probability Theory in Mathematics to the pupils/students in a practical way
  2. Organize Educational quiz in all subjects.
  3. Organize inter-houses School Competitions or Religions Quiz programs and events. The Organizers will set their preferred standard of questions to suit the event.
  4. Reading  the cards , understanding the rules and applying them to suit the rhythm of the game inculcates reading habit into the players
  5. Continue to demonstrate and apply future new rules and technicalities in the game of soccer to its numerous fans and players; develop the talents of the youth base on teamwork, hard work, dedication, respect, fast thinking and good judgment coupled with articulate passes that will propel them to win matches, become champions or even super stars.
  6. Organize all soccer competitions like League, Gala, Knockout, etc.